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Shared kitchens aren’t a new business. The concept of a single factory making food for restaurants all around the city has been common for quite some time.

But would you care if the next time you ordered food through a service like GrubHub or UBER eats it came from a massive shared kitchen instead of the restaurant itself?

This is becoming a more popular trend for local restaurant owners, to experiment with a “delivery-only” kitchen, normally out of a shared space, in order to cut costs.

Over the next several years, as restaurant owners attempt to find margin in what has otherwise been a somewhat unprofitable experiment, we expect to find that where we order from is not where the food will actually come from.

The industry of shared kitchens is a great cost-savings measure, sure, but does it diminish the concept, or more importantly the quality, of a local restaurant?

We’ll be watching this trend closely in the coming months.