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With UBER’s IPO last week, we’ll get a great view into how a major publicly traded company manages the finances of the low margin business.

There are tons of meal delivery services these days, but most of them remain private and thus the finances are elusive.

But soon we’ll be getting a glimpse at quarterly reporting from one of the biggest competitors in the meal delivery space with UBER.

While Amazon has local restaurant delivery, UBER Eats seems to hold the most market share and brand recognition. The have placed a huge focus on making it a core part of their business, and thus the financials will be the most interesting to watch each reporting cycle. Instead of being essentially a rounding error like it might be in Amazon’s case, UBER’s reporting on the industry could offer a lot of interesting data into the business operations of local restaurant delivery margins.

Our hunch is that the numbers aren’t pretty on that side of the business, and that it’s currently a race to win the market, knocking competitors out one-by-one, then raise prices to increase profitability. As to whether or not that works in the long run is going to be interesting to watch.