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As our lives get busier and busier, it’s easy to see why services that make everyday tasks easier and more convenient are gaining popularity. Think about it: in any given week, would you rather spend an extra hour or two with your family and friends laughing and adventuring… or go to the grocery store? Thanks to grocery delivery, residents of Portland no longer have to choose. You can order groceries online from the comfort of your home and have them delivered instead.

Currently, the following grocery delivery services are available in Portland:

Grocery Delivery in Portland? Same Day Delivery? Special Offers Get Groceries Delivered
Yes Yes $25 Off Try Amazon Fresh
Yes Yes Free Delivery
(on 1st Order)
Try Instacart Free
Yes Yes None  Try Clicklist Free
Yes Yes $20 Off Safeway Delivery

Is There Same Day Grocery Delivery in Portland?

Yes! One of the biggest perks of ordering groceries online is the ability to tailor it to your schedule. That means you can get your favorite foods, drinks, pet products, and household items delivered the same day, or even within a few hours of placing your online order. Same day grocery delivery adds hours to your day and makes prepping meals, packing lunches, and entertaining guests easier and more convenient than ever.

Use an App to do some Online Grocery Shopping in Portland

You can even grocery shop on the go! If you have a grocery delivery app on your phone or tablet, you can fill your cart and place your order from virtually anywhere. The apps are free to download from the Apple App Store or Google Play. First-time app users will need to sign up or log in to their account. From there, you’ll enjoy all the convenience of online grocery shopping from your mobile device.

Do Walmart, Costco or Whole Foods deliver Groceries in Portland?

The answer is probably yes! Walmart, Costco, and Whole Foods are working out the logistics of delivering to your area right now. When they are ready to start delivering groceries in Portland, we’ll add them to the list above.