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Keeping Austin well-fed is just as important as keeping Austin weird, and grocery delivery can help. You can order groceries online from literally anywhere you can access the internet. Load up on baking supplies while you wait in line at Hey Cupcake! Stock up on sunscreen while you dangle your toes in the water at Barton Springs. Add antacid to your cart from your table at Torchy’s Tacos. (You’re gonna need it!) Grocery delivery makes shopping easier and more convenient so Austin residents have more time to enjoy the things they love.

Check out the grocery delivery services Austin has to offer:

Grocery Delivery in Austin? Same Day Delivery? Special Offers Get Groceries Delivered
Yes Yes $25 Off Try Amazon Fresh
Yes Yes Free Delivery
(on 1st Order)
Try Instacart Free
Yes Yes  None Try Clicklist Free
Yes Yes $20 Off Safeway Delivery

Is There Same Day Grocery Delivery in Austin?

Absolutely! You can get your groceries the same day or, better yet, you can have them delivered to your doorstep within hours of placing your order. Just go online to select your fresh fruits and vegetables, snacks and drinks, pet food and treats, and personal care items. A store clerk will pick and pack your items, load them up, and send them on their way to you. Your groceries will arrive within the time window you selected at checkout.

Use an App to do some Online Grocery Shopping in Austin

Grocery delivery apps let you buy groceries online for same day delivery right from your smartphone or tablet. Search for and download the appropriate app from the Apple App Store or via Google Play. If you’re new to the service, you’ll need to sign up. (From then on, you’ll just need to log in.) Then you can shop and pay for your items without ever opening your computer or stepping foot inside the store. As an added bonus, features like saved shopping lists and digital promotions will help you save time and money.

Do Walmart, Costco or Whole Foods deliver Groceries in Austin?

Yes, eventually, they will! These three mega retailers are still working out delivery logistics in Austin. When these services make it to your area, we’ll add them to the list above.