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Where Does Costco Deliver? Costco Delivery Online Near Me

Costco has become synonymous with wholesale shopping — and for good reason! For nearly three decades, this superstore has helped its members save time and money by offering bulk packages of just about every item under the sun. Now, Costco is also saving shoppers the hassle of leaving home by offering online shopping, complete with delivery straight to their door!

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Costco delivers to most metropolitan areas in the United States. This includes cities such as Seattle, Portland, NYC, LA and Denver. Members can choose between two delivery options:

  • Same-day delivery, which is available for fresh grocery orders and eligible household item orders of at least $35 (there is no added delivery fee)
  • 2-day delivery, which is available for non-perishable grocery orders and some household and business item orders (orders of at least $75 have no added delivery fee)
Costco Delivery in Denver
Costco Delivery in Seattle
Costco Delivery in NYC
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Costco Delivery in LA
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Costco Delivery in SF
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Costco Delivery in Portland

Costco doesn’t deliver to every area yet, but it’s frequently adding more locations to its delivery zones. Keep in mind that the items available for drop-off to your home or business may also vary by location, so if you don’t find what you’re looking for, be sure to keep checking the Costco website for updates!  Find out if an Executive Costco membership is the way to go and how to order a Costco membership online as well.