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Sun Basket Meal Delivery Service Review

Looking for high-quality, healthy ingredients? Sun Basket has you covered

When looking for meal delivery services, some people are looking for a quick fix, or something easy to make. But for those of you looking for one of the healthiest options, Sun Basket is going to be your best bet.

With a trial of the service, they knock it out of the park with a variety of different plans. Most importantly, each of their plans will match your specific dietary requests, whether that’s for fresh and organic, paleo focused, pescatarian, or vegetarian.

Try Sun Basket

One of the things we enjoy most about Sun Basket is that they vary their plans, and you’ll get a wide array of flavors in each delivery. Inspired by Chef Justine Kelly, an Iron Chef competitor, the meals are fun and unique. One of the best parts of Sun Basket is that it will put you in a good position to elevate your skills in the kitchen. The meals are just the right amount of challenging, but not so hard that the next time you try and replicate one of their recipes you end up having to apologize to your dinner guests.

Sun Basket is apparently available across the US, and can delivery to almost any address, so you don’t have to worry about living in a remote area. Sun Basket most likely ships directly to your door.

Expect to be wowed by the packages every time they’re delivered, Sun Basket goes above and beyond to show the quality of their product from packaging to separated ingredients. Their instructions are easy to understand, and will have you eating a delicious meal somewhere between 30-45 minutes, sure to impress whomever you’re serving, even if just yourself!

How does Sun Basket work?

Sun Basket makes organic meal planning easier than ever

  • Sign up for Sun Basket through their website
  • Select your meal plan based on dietary preferences
  • Await for your delivery on meal plan days
  • Use the instructions inside Sun Basket’s packaging to cook a delicious meal
  • Become the go-to chef at all gatherings with your newfound skills

Do we recommend Sun Basket: Yes!

Try Sun Basket

Sun Basket review pros:

  • Sun Basket focuses on organic produce, with 99% of the fruits and veggies in their plans certified organic.
  • Anti-biotic and hormone-free meats and seafood. So you know you’ll get the best ingredients.
  • Good company core values.
  • Famous chef Justine Kelly-inspired recipes.
  • Sustainable packaging – you can recycle and compost almost all the packaging.
  • 100% money-back guarantee.

Sun Basket review cons:

  • A little more expensive than other options.
  • Confusing sign-up process. It took us a while to “get” it.
  • No free trial

You can learn more about Sun Basket from their video here:


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