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Ever noticed a few fries missing from your meal that was just recently delivered? It turns out you might not be imagining things.

US Foods conducted a survey about the meal delivery industry and found that 25% of drivers admit to having sampled a customer’s food before dropping it off.

The survey asked customers, on a scale of 1-10, with one being totally fine and ten being totally unacceptable, what they thought about a driver taking a small bite of their meal, the average answer was 8.4. This means consumers aren’t super excited about the prospect of loaning out a bit of their meal to a driver.

Honestly, we can only imagine the temptation. Imagine being hungry on a long shift delivering delicious meals to customers, the smell of a great dinner filling your car. You could easily get away with just the smallest bite and nobody would ever know…

That being said, we here at The Food Oasis would also prefer our meals remain un-sampled.