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How Fast is the Meal Delivery Service Market Growing?

It seems like every day that goes by, a new meal delivery service launches, or one of the big players like Amazon, Uber, Postmates, and others, launch in a new city. But how fast is the meal delivery service industry growing? It turns out, quite rapidly. Expert...

How Much Do Americans Spend on Takeout Every Year?

Takeout is as old as the restaurant industry. Sometimes it's just easier to have food brought to you from your favorite local restaurants. But how much do Americans spend on Takeout every year? We discovered recently that the market for takeout is huge. It is...

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Looking for the best meal delivery service? Want advice on how to make sure you get the best groceries delivered to your door? Welcome to The Food Oasis, a website designed to handle the grunt work of reviewing every service and providing you with information to help...