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IKEA to Start Food Delivery (But No Meatballs…)

We thought this was an early April Fools joke, but several news sources have confirmed that IKEA is in fact planning to start delivering food of all things. And to answer your first question, sadly, no, they will not be delivering Swedish meatballs. Now as to why IKEA...

Amazon Restaurants Shutting Down

Interesting news this week as Amazon Restaurants announced that they would be shutting down in the United States. The move doesn't come as a big surprise seeing as they cut services in London last year and overall the business didn't seem to be getting much attention...

Meal Delivery is Dumping Tons of Plastic on China

It's not a question we like to think about, especially as a news site that covers food and meal delivery. But it's an important one to ask, "are meal delivery services bad for the environment?" There's no doubt that the services create new waste, and with compared to...