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Meal Delivery Service Reviews

Looking for the best meal delivery services in your city? We have tried them all, and write unbiased reviews about each. Below you’ll find a list of the services we have tried and our take on them.

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What is a grocery delivery service: A grocery delivery service will be one where you select a list of individual products, like bananas, potato chips, milk, eggs, and individually sliced sandwich meats, then have them delivered to your door. Don’t worry about refrigerated items, most services will send them in temperature-controlled packages.

What is a meal delivery service: A meal delivery service will be one that sends you pre-packaged ingredients for a specific serving size (normally between two servings and six servings), that you will cook in your kitchen. Do not confuse these with ordering takeout. You’ll have to put in a little work in the kitchen, but most all of them come with clear instructions that will help you perfect your culinary skills.

There’s no doubt that getting groceries delivered right to your door will be a growing trend in the next ten years. With that being said, we really enjoy testing the different services. If you have a specific service you are curious about, and want us to try it first, get in touch with us so we can try it!

The world of meal and grocery delivery is a trend that almost any consumer can enjoy, and we highly suggest trying a few out to figure out which one works best for you. Most services have several meal options, from vegetarian and vegan, organic, fancy or more casual, there’s almost certainly a plan that will fit your tastes and budget.

But what about cost? While not immediately apparent, we actually think specific meal plans are a good way to save on costs. For example, instead of having to buy an entire jar of spice, or overspend on proteins, most services do a good job packaging specific ingredient quantities.