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If we’re being honest, we can’t think of a worse place to launch little robots that roll around and deliver food than on a college campus.

But that hasn’t stopped Kiwi from announcing that they’re planning to roll out their existing program to 12 more schools.

Currently, the little robots sit in storage containers and when you select Kiwi as a delivery option from a local restaurant, the robot goes and collects your meal, then delivers it to your door.

Currently, these robots are “semi-autonomous” which means that the robots are still being monitored by a human, who can intervene to prevent mistakes.

This is probably one of those businesses that seems weird in the current moment but then eventually normalizes as we get more used to robots on the street and in the air (Amazon drones, anyone).

We’re excited to see the expansion continue, and will be trying it out as soon as they’re closer to us as well. Check back for a review when that happens.