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Another meal delivery service has launched this week but with a different spin.

Mosaic, founded by Blue Apron alum Matt Davis, packages and ships almost-ready-to-eat meals that come frozen launched in several East Coast cities.

Their current offering includes several vegetarian bowls, made fresh, and then frozen for shipping to keep them stable longer.

Similar to Blue Apron and other similar services, the company is a subscription service, so consumers can select a plan that matches their needs and simply wait for their meals to show up on a regular cadence.

This is an interesting business model in our mind, to offer fresh meals that arrive frozen. We have seen several meal delivery companies struggle with fresh delivery, so to add the frozen delivery element might prevent some of the associated waste.

Mosaic seems to believe that there isn’t much of a loss of freshness with their frozen meals, which was our initial concern. The very concept of a frozen meal carries with it a certain negative connotation, but they seem to believe their meal delivery is up to prove us wrong.

We’ll be watching this company closely in the coming months, stay tuned.