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Blue Apron is one of the best ways to plan your meals for the entire week. You can plan based on your current dietary needs and what you’d prefer to eat every day for the next week or next few weeks for that matter. However, like yourself, friends and family members may also be looking for a way to free themselves from the shackles of having to cook or order unhealthy takeout every day. The Blue Apron Gift Card should help them get on track with their diet!

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Now there are a few ways to get a Blue Apron Gift Card. We explore some of the best methods below.

Buy a Gift Card from Blue Apron’s Website

You can buy a Blue Apron Gift Card which either covers one week or multiple weeks directly from the official website. Just head on over Click on ‘Meals,’ and then choose ‘Gift Type.’ Then enter the amount you want to spend which ranges from $60 to $240 or enter a custom amount.

Go to Blue Apron!

Choose how you want the Gift Card to be delivered, i.e. do you want to print it at home or should it be emailed to you. If you choose to do it at home, the company will email you a link which leads to a PDF download of the card, that you can print on a regular printer.

Most people may probably find the Email to Recipient method more convenient as it allows you to schedule an email with the gift card on a date of your choosing with a custom message. Then ‘add to cart,’ go to Checkout and pay for it or you can add additional cards to your cart.

Send a Gift Card via Groupon

You can also send cooked food, prepaid of course as a gift via Groupon. Blue Apron runs promotions every now and then which includes sending two or three cooked meals for a family of two to four members. So, if you want to encourage a friend or family member to get rid of their spare tire, perhaps order a full week’s worth of food for them and ‘Give as a Gift’ via Groupon.

Buy Blue Apron Gift Cards from Costco

Every now and then Costco also sells Blue Apron gift cards at discounted prices. Just recently a $100 gift card was available for $65. However, the promotion is only extended to Costco members. So, if you’re not a member then become one and subscribe to their newsletter or follow them on Facebook to keep up  with the latest discounts on Blue Apron Gift cards and others.