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According to recent numbers, meal delivery service Hello Fresh saw a boom in customers during the first quarter of 2019, with current active customers totaling approximately 2.5 million. This is a jump from 1.88 million, and with that the company saw an increase of around 35% of total meals delivered.

Dominik Richter, chief executive and co-founder of Hello Fresh, said: “We have had a very successful first quarter, with strong customer growth and consistent margin expansion. Given the seasonal importance of the first quarter to bring new customers to our service, we are very happy about the great start we had for the year. Based on our first quarter we can confidently reconfirm our full year guidance.”

This is a good sign for the meal delivery market, that customer growth continues to increase as more consumers turn to these options for their nightly meals with more regular frequency.

The news of this customer growth is coming after Blue Apron announced a slightly more successful first quarter in comparison to past results.

Most commonly, these brands are struggling to find margin to operate profitably, acquiring customers at a loss in the short term in hopes of a successful road to profitability down the road. It does seem like many popular meal delivery companies are reaching that part of their life cycle now.

(source CityAM)