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It’s no secret that we throw away tons of perfectly good food every day.

And while many restaurants want to find a good home for their leftovers, it can be a logistical nightmare trying to get food donated in a timely and hygienic manner.

But New York startup Transfernation thinks they have a solution: cargo bikes.

The company removes a lot of the difficulty of finding a vehicle that can be expensive and wasteful if the car is sitting in New York traffic for hours.

Instead, the company sends cargo bikes around to pick up the food and move it considerably quicker. It’s likely you have seen a similar concept roaring around the streets of your city delivering everything from fresh meals to Amazon packages, but this new spin on how to make sure rescue food makes it to a worthy home is a new innovation and one we’re excited to see.

There’s no doubt that with meal delivery services continuing to get popular, the ability to move food quicker (and greener!) is going to be seen as a welcome solution.