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Room service can be nice but is often expensive. And depending on how good the hotel’s kitchen is, you might not be sure what you’re going to get.

Meal delivery service DoorDash reported late this week that they’re planning on expanding their delivery services to include hotels.

We love this idea because it means you can get fresh meals in your hotel room, from a highly-rated local restaurant. When you’re out of town, it’s far more fun to experience a few of the local hot spots, and DoorDash aims to make that even easier.

The service has partnered with Wyndham Hotels & Resorts, bringing their deliveries to 3,700 of the hotel chain’s properties, one of the biggest partnerships in the food delivery space to-date.

“We are thrilled to partner nationwide with Wyndham Hotels & Resorts, our first partner within the travel and hospitality segment,” said DoorDash head of corporate development Matt Rotella. “This partnership extends our continued commitment to meeting our customers wherever they are, allowing them to have the same access to great restaurants and fantastic service while traveling.”

DoorDash has placed a high priority on partnerships, and this move continues the strategy.