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Blue Apron Meal Delivery Service Review

One of the biggest names in meal delivery, Blue Apron has everything you need to up your cooking game. Read our Blue Apron review below

The whole concept of meal delivery isn’t new, but most consumers are familiar with one of the biggest names in the game, Blue Apron.

Blue Apron makes it about as simple as any of the current meal delivery services, with coverage across the United States, offering fresh ingredients several times a week to best suit your needs.

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When using their services, all you have to do is quickly pick your meals from their weekly menu right in the mobile app or through their website. It will be delivered in an insulated package right to your door for easy cooking that same evening.

Their average meal prep times float around 30 minutes, and in our experience, even for the more inexperienced in our ranks, held true. Nothing was so complicated as to demand deep understanding or specific culinary tools. Even the most basic home cook should have very little trouble getting started in the kitchen with Blue Apron’s meals.

Blue Apron also has some of the best customer service in the business. We tested the waters a bit by getting in touch to see how they would handle a variety of situations, and they knocked it out of the park. Some of the best service we’ve seen from any of the meal plan services.

How does Blue Apron work?

Blue Apron is simple.

  • Sign up for their service through this link.
  • Pick your meal plans (2-person servings or 4-person servings)
  • Select your meals for the week
  • Wait for delivery the day of each meal
  • Use the handy instructions included with each meal to cook a delicious dinner
  • Impress your roommates/spouse/partner with newfound culinary skills

Do we recommend Blue Apron: Yes!

Try Blue Apron

Blue Apron review pros:

  • Good discounts for signing up to try their service
  • Easy-to-use technology. Their mobile app is the best in the business
  • Great value! One of the most affordable
  • Good serving sizes
  • Great customer service

Blue Apron review cons:

  • Too much packaging
  • Not a ton of organic options
  • Harder to customize. What you see is what you get
  • No free trial

If you’re more into wine, Blue Apron also offers a fun program similar to their meal delivery, with weekly wine deliveries of a variety of different bottles. So if you’re looking to pair that perfect shrimp scampi with a grape adult beverage, Blue Apron offers that as an additional service as well that we found quite convenient.

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