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It seems like Amazon is getting into everything these days. From streaming to web services and now grocery shopping, Amazon is making their mark on almost every business vertical.

Previously, Prime users had to pay a $14.99 fee to access grocery delivery on The company announced that it would be forgoing that fee for Prime members and you’ll be able to order mountains of groceries to your doorstep, only limited by the speed of your local internet service.

They will be putting an delivery order minimum of $35 on each purchase but that shouldn’t be too hard to get to given the average American grocery bill is upwards of $500 per month in some locations. NYC has a minimum order of $50, as an exception.

This is great news for Prime members who already subscribe to the service but were hesitant about signing up for an additional $15 per month fee in perpetuity. Amazon proper already has access to many groceries but FRESH offers many more options particularly for produce and meats.

Is this a sign of a flourishing online grocery delivery market? Will Amazon muscle out competitors as it has in other spaces? Of note, Costco is moving into the online delivery space as well. We’ll be there to cover all the latest happenings in food tech.