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Amazon Eliminates FRESH Grocery Delivery Service Fee

It seems like Amazon is getting into everything these days. From streaming to web services and now grocery shopping, Amazon is making their mark on almost every business vertical. Previously, Prime users had to pay a $14.99 fee to access grocery delivery on...

DoorDash Overtakes GrubHub as The Meal Delivery Leader

Big news in the meal delivery world this week, as Second Measure released a report finding that DoorDash had overtaken GrubHub in total meal deliveries in May 2019. GrubHub has been a force in the industry, and leading the charge on rapid expansion and market capture,...

DoorDash Buying Caviar From Square for $410 Million

One of the biggest players in the delivery game is buying a chunk of financial payment company Square's portfolio. DoorDash announced today a $410 million acquisition of Square's Caviar. The company will purchase the food delivery arm of Square's experiment in the...